In order to target the right people it is extremely important to come up with a winning strategy for you and your business going into the future.  Pitch Point have devised this over the past number of years. Below is an overview of our strategy techniques. We will engage with you all along the way and then decide on a course of action that is unique to you and your business needs and the companies and key accounts you wish to target.    


  • Identify the companies within your targeted accounts
  • Engage the decision makers & influencers actively researching for your products & services.
  • Get targeted leads in your vertical markets.
  • Generate brand awareness into accounts that are actively researching business related topics.
  • Capture intent-based leads matching your specific campaign criteria.


  • Optimises your marketing campaigns
  • Accelerates your sales cycles by engaging with sales-ready leads
  • Improves sales productivity across your team

Leverages investment in sales & marketing campaigns by having appointment setters engage directly with  high quality leads by determining a number of qualifying questions and setting up a meeting


Target Discovery Accounts: Discover accounts (via an open target list) that have an interest in the client’s range of products & services.


Target Named Accounts: Engage with all of the accounts on a client’s target list that may or may not be actively searching for your products and services. 


Target Priority Accounts: Identify accounts that are currently in-market for your products & services using intent data and surging topics.  

Additional Information:

Options B & C includes an option to ask a series of qualifying questions on behalf of a client.

  • Identify & Qualify Decision Makers Within Your Targeted Accounts.
  • Engage With Decision Makers Actively Researching For Your Products & Services.
  • Cultivate New Opportunities Within Known & Unknown Accounts To Develop New Business.
  • Generate Brand Awareness Into Accounts That Are Actively Researching Business Related Topics.
  • Capture Intent-Based Leads Matching Your Specific Campaign Criteria.

We work with you to select the best industries and lists to target key prospects for your products. A campaign can only be as good as the prospect list so ensure we are working from the most targeted and up-to-date list possible.

We understand that, as a business, you want to maximise the time your sales people spend with prospects. In order to achieve this, you need a consistent stream of high-quality meetings.

Leverage your investment by having one of our appointment setters engage directly with a high quality lead by determining a number of qualifying questions.