Pitch Point will help to significantly grow your business network.  We update all records in house to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive list of customers and business leads.  Building large volumes of data through in depth research in order to drive your business forward in terms of profitability and market share is at the heart of Pitch Point services and centered around every project we undertake. We are proud to have helped a large number of Irish Companies grow significantly over the past number of years due to the large volumes of sales we have created, while building large volumes of relevant data, to meet your business needs and customer expectations.  

Pitch Point Generate Appointments by using a blended approach of Cold-Calling and Email Techniques. Simply put, it is a type of service that involves the setting up of appointments between a business and a potential prospect. B2B Appointment Setting has given many businesses the boost they need by providing an effective way to communicate with potential clients. This also includes, live Demos, Skype or Webinar Meetings to enhance the overall communication process.

Our Services are designed to leverage the time and talents of your most valued resource, your field sales team, by introducing them into the selling cycle at the critical time and place with these targeted key executives.

The result is a repeatable and measurable process that identifies new opportunities and provides critical closed-loop feedback as to which value propositions are resonating well with your target audience.